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Jesus & Me

Why Jesus is totally cool with me, gay marriage & a woman's right to choose.... for real.

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I am dreading the next few months because my State has passed a marriage equality bill through the House and Senate and, sometime next week amid much fanfare, the Governor will sign it.  She’s already promised....

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(Not) Born This Way

On choosing to be Queer: Red Zorah's Blog

Academic Feminism? Bored Now.

One sure way to get me to leave a discussion is to trot out the following words: pedagogy, dialectic, intersectionality, hegemony.  I will stomp and snarl before I leave, but it is a sure way to point me toward the exit.  I love discussions of feminism more than almost anything in life. Until they get academic....

Undermine the dominant paradigm some more at my blog: Red Zorah

She's a Maneater...

I taught men in residential treatment for 2 hours today.  I had two classes back-to-back. This is the first time I have worked with men – ever.  I have always worked with women in all the public service jobs and volunteer positions I have had.  I worried about teaching men.  I needn’t have.

Upside: They were engaged, appropriate and totally on-topic.

Downside: Afterward the female clinical supervisor told me....

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I'm With Stupid

My theory is that smart girls pick dumb lovers....

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Yr Mangled <3

If everything you do has got a hold on me / Then everything I do has got a hole in it  

I have this problem with people who can’t get over things.

I have this problem with people who can’t get over things that have to do with me.

See, I can clear a room in this town.  I prefer to think of it as owning a room, but I suppose that is up for debate....

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Girl, Potentiated

I used to live in potential.  It was how I learned to thrive.  To sparkle.

People would meet me.  Struggling.  With a snotty child at my hip, washing diapers by hand. Making biscuits in the kitchen with camping gear. Sometimes in the dark, because the power was shut off. And they would marvel at how such a girl, a machine of practical survival technique, could talk like this.  About Mozart’s Requiem and Balzac, about Liberation Theology and the X-Men. People were always amazed by the fact of my potential. It was a cheap gimmick...

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